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Waiting for Enlightenment

This solo exhibition was the culmination of a yearlong conceptual and material engagement in painting, printmaking, drawing, and video. Exploring the ornamentality of queerness across vernacular Buddhism, the series center the snake (and snake-human hybrid) as an avatar and astral body for various states of being: queer melancholia, (dis)embodied pleasures and pains, and transcendence across boundaries, planes, and borders.


Distillery Gallery
South Boston, MA
Shane Levi
Savanna Nelson


ចាំ (Waiting for Enlightenment), 2022. Mixed media (oil, acrylic, soft pastels) on canvas cut-out, plastic garlands, grommets, rope, kantheil mat,  62h × 100w in / 82h x 100w in (with garlands). Photo by Mel Taing.

Exhibition documentation

Installation view, រង់ចាំចូលនិព្វាន Waiting for Enlightenment, Distillery Gallery, Boston, June 1 – July 9, 2022. Photo by Mel Taing. © Sopheak Sam

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