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︎︎︎ i love the way you see the world, but why can’t you see me?

Working from a collection of family photographs from Khao-I-Dang refugee camp as a point of departure, this exhibition engages with opacity to reveal and conceal landscapes and bodies to destabilize time/space and renegotiate identity.

Experimental Gallery
Tjaden Hall, Cornell University
Ithaca, NY

︎︎︎ The Lexicon of Freedom

A re-staging of a 1986 forgotten Disney film The Girl Who Spelled Freedom to complicate the nationalizing practice of American spelling bees as a cultural project shaping identity and language—explored through the lens of Cambodian diasporic subjectivity.

Cornell Council for the Arts
Hartell Gallery
Ithaca, NY

︎︎︎ Waiting for Enlightenment

Created over the span of a year, this solo exhibition centers the snake as an avatar for various states of being. Theravada Buddhism, body politic, and queer personhood meet at the intersection of ornamentality to arrive at spaces of hybridity and belonging.

Distillery Gallery
South Boston, MA

︎︎︎ Losing My Religion

Video installation using projection mapping to form a space where multiple diasporic Cambodian visual cultures collide.

Minnesota Museum of American Art, St Paul, MN

︎︎︎ if we want it
(collaboration with Melissa Q. Teng)
with linh-phương vũ, Lucky Li / 李乐言, Luisina Pozzo Ardizzi, Melice Lopes, Sybille Gorneille

Monumental public video marquee inspired by a book on capitalist ruins and mushrooms. “... staying alive—for every species—requires livable collaborations. Collaboration means working across difference, which leads to contamination” (Tsing, 2016).

Boston Convention and Exhibition Center
Boston, MA

︎︎︎ Two Hearts

Small installation about a Cambodian boy and his pet snake (giant python) by appropriating video footage searched on YouTube.

︎︎︎ Holiday in Cambodia

Sculptural video installation collaging and forming a space where multiple diasporic Cambodian visual cultures collide. Created as part of the group exhibition Sutures.

︎︎︎ A single journey can change the course of a life.

Exploring my fascination with Angelina Jolie as a UN ambassador, celebrity humanitarian, and the adoptive mother of a Cambodian son.

︎︎︎ Idol/Idle

Slow, reflective meditation on juxtaposing lenses on Khmer life, past and present—one of an early ‘70s French documentary film; the other through my own personal capture of my hometown.

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